All Age Worship – Sunday 17th September

Our All Age service this week  was all about forgiveness: God forgiving us and the need for us, therefore, to forgive others. In our three activites we learned about God writing off our ‘debts’ or sins – we experienced ‘demands’ being torn up and put in the bin, and we received back the little we had to offer in payment – our ‘gold coins’ were returned to us. After lighting a candle of thanksgiving we then used these coins to pray for people we needed to forgive – those who have hurt us, those who owe us an apology.

There was also the opportunity to sit on a throne, wear a crown, and imagine what it might feel like to be God who forgives. There were also inspiring stories from The Forgiveness Project to read – many people continued to read these after the service over a cup or coffee.

The seocnd half of our service was a celebration of the Eucharist – here adults and children alike share in the Eucharist.




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