Support your local Food Bank

At this time of year we’re beginning to think of Christmas and spending money on our nearest and dearest. So please spare a thought for those who are finding it hard to make ends meet this Christmas. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates that 14 million people live in poverty in the UK – over one in five of the population. This is made up of eight million working-age adults, four million children and 1.9 million pensioners. 8 million of these live in families where at least one person is in work.

I know we’re all feeling the pinch these days, but if everyone who can afford to could donate one or two items per week to the food bank, it would make a huge difference to struggling people this Christmas and beyond.

Here are some suggestions:

Cereal + Christmas non-perishable items 11th November
Soup  + Packet of stuffing or gravy granules for Christmas 18th  November
Pasta  +chocolate or treats for Christmas 25th November
Rice  + Christmas pudding 2nd December
Tinned tomatoes/Pasta Sauce + custard or sauce 

for Christmas

9th December
Lentils, beans pulses  + biscuits or mince pies 

for Christmas

16th December
Fruit Juice  23rd December
Tinned meat  6th January
Tinned vegetables 13th Janury
Tea/Coffee 20th January
Biscuits 27th January
UHT Milk 3rd February
Rice pudding 10th February


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