Alex starts his new Journey in Faith

Wednesday evening saw Alex’s parents Alison and Paul along with some of Alex’s Church Family from St. Oswald’s travelling to Holy Trinity Church Blackpool for Alex’s Commissioning To the Blackpool Ministry Experience.

What a wonderful evening it was sharing the Commissioning of Alex along with James and L J they are going to be very busy over the next 10 months sharing and exploring their faith in their new Church Communities and beyond.
Lots of cake has been made and shared with the local community already it certainly sounds like food is going to be very high on the agenda.
It has been a privilege watching Alex grow into the wonderful young man he is today and we at St Oswald’s are so very proud of him.  We will miss him very much both at Church and the Holiday Club but we are sure he will flourish in this new challenge and we look forward to sharing updates with you all on our facebook page – We wish them all luck in their new adventure in faith.


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