All Age Worship – Trinity 9

This week our Gospel reading was the storm at Sea, as told by St. Matthew, and our activities were all water and boat based.

At our Sorry Station we paused to think about times when we’ve failed or forgotten to trust in God, or when we’ve put our confidence in the wrong things. The activity was to place a candle in a tiny boat and to float it on the water, knowing that we are held in GOd’s ahnds no matter what situation we find ourselves in.






Our Prayer Station gave opportunity to pray for those who are being buffeted by life’s storms, those who have not yet found their faith in Jesus, or those who work at sea – many of whom are away from home for months at a time.

We wrote our prayers on squares of paper and, folded the corners into the middle. The prayer squares were then floated on water and we paused to watch as the squares slwoly opened out – a reminder that our prayers are not hidden to God.








More fun was to be had at our Learning Station where we iced buns with storm blue and green icing and added boat toppers. The conversation was about the man who walked on water – the disciples suddenly realised that Jesus wasn’t just very good, or very clever, but someone extraordinary – God’s Son. We too have this lesson to learn – to believe and trust in Jesus, God’s Son who came to show us God’s love. As you can see, we really enjoyd this activity. A big thanks to Renah for making the buns and Pat who made the icing. We all ate our cakes after the service – and they were delicious!

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