We had a lovely time at our Harvest Festival. The church had been beautifully decorated and the Brownies and Rainbows had made a colourful display for the occasion.

As well as collecting food for our local Food Bank in Oswaldtwistle, we spent some time learning about the work of EMBRACE ME in Egypt. Working with more local charities, EMBRACE has given small grants to enable people to set up their own businesses, in turn enabling people to escape from poverty – able to feed their families and enable their children to receive an education.

We wrote prayers for people in Egypt who are trying to escape poverty. EMBRACE will send these to Egypt, letting people know that the’re being prayed for. We also collected enough money for EMBRACE to give a grant to someone.

A big thank you to everyone who joined in, everyone who wrote a prayer and everyone who made a donation. Most of all a big thankyou to EMBRACE who do this work on behalf of us all.



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