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Rose Queen

joyce and adeline

Joyce and Adeline

It was a tradition for many years for St Oswald’s to have a Rose Queen Ceremony.  This photo was taken in 1953  when Adeline Dabbs crowned Joyce Avison on the ‘school field’ which was situated where the houses and bungalows around St Oswald’s Road are now built.

Adeline Dabbs was a Sunday School teacher at the time and later married to become Adeline Sleigh (mother of Alison Anderson).  Joyce Avison, who was 15 at the time of the crowning, later married Bert Taylor.

If you have traced any relatives who had any connections with St Oswald’s, we would love to hear about it and will, with your permission, publish the story on our website. (Please email the Webmaster).

Do you recognise any of these budding footballers?

They were runners up in the Blackburn & District seven a side competition 1992.

Recognise anyone?

Recognise anyone?

One thought on “History

  1. Keith Ferguson

    This brings back happy memories of my childhood. As a 7 or 8 year old, I would have attended this ceremony in 1953 as I was a member of the church choir and Sunday School and also a pupil at St Oswald’s C of E Primary School. I remember both of these ladies and their families. Adeline had a brother called Harry, who was a choir member and likewise Joyce had a brother, Gordon, who was also a choir member. The vicar at the time was Rev W E Walsh and he and his wife were so loving and caring towards my older brother and I, who were mother-less from a very young age. I emigrated to Australia in 1984 and although I’ve made several trips back to England over the years, I haven’t seen inside the church or school at Knuzden for close to 60 years.
    St Oswalds church and school will always have many fond memories for me, as my entire family and social life revolved around them for many happy years.
    Kind regards,
    Keith Ferguson
    Melbourne, Australia

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