Prayers for the Week – First Sunday of Lent


Almighty God,
whose Son Jesus Christ fasted forty days in the wilderness,
and was tempted as we are, yet without sin:
give us grace to discipline ourselves in obedience to your Spirit;
and, as you know our weakness,
so may we know your power to save;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Heavenly Father,
your Son battled with the powers of darkness,
and grew closer to you in the desert:
help us to use these days to grow in wisdom and prayer
that we may witness to your saving love
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Post Communion

Lord God,
you have renewed us with the living bread from heaven;
by it you nourish our faith,
increase our hope,
and strengthen our love:
teach us always to hunger for him who is the true and living bread,
and enable us to live by every word
that proceeds from out of your mouth;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 05-Mar-2017 Lent 1
Psalm: 88:1-6 Job 3:1-17

Marathwada – (North India) The Rt Revd Madhukar Kasab
Monday 06-Mar-2017
Psalm: 88:7-12 Job 4:1-17

Maridi – (Minye, Sudan) The Rt Revd Justin Badi Arama
Tuesday 07-Mar-2017
Psalm: 34:1-7 Ro. 3:21-31

Marsabit – (Kenya) The Rt Revd Robert Martin
Wednesday 08-Mar-2017
Psalm: 27:7-14 Job 5:1-16

Maryland – (III, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Eugene Sutton

Suffragan Bishop of Maryland – (III, The Episcopal Church) Vacant
Thursday 09-Mar-2017
Psalm: 4 Job 5:17-27

Masasi – (Tanzania) The Rt Revd James Almasi
Friday 10-Mar-2017
Psalm: 13 Job 6:1-13

Maseno North – (Kenya) The Rt Revd Simon Oketch
Saturday 11-Mar-2017
Psalm: 15 Job 6:14-30

Masindi-Kitara – (Uganda) The Rt Revd George Kasangaki



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