Today we turned water into wine!

The reading for the second Sunday after Epiphany is about the wedding at Cana and Jesus’ very first miracle -he saved great embarrassment at a wedding (they’d used all the wine up) by turning water into wine.

So we thought about transformation – how one thing can become another. We put red food dye into water and prayed about how we can help to transform things in the world to make them better.

The we added water to wine and thought about the times when we’ve changed things for the worse, asking God’s forgiveness.

And we had a look at Jesus’ life, thinking about the many times when he transformed things – always for the better. We looked at pictures of such events in Jesus’ life: he made the blind man see, he healed all sorts of people who were ill (people with leprosy, the woman who touched his cloak), he turned death into life (the centurion’s daughter and Lazarus – and of course Jesus’ own resurrection), he transformed a small offering of food into enough to feed five thousand people, he turned the stormy waves into calm ones. And, on the cross, he turned hatred into love.

The we celebrated Holy Communion – all sorts of transformations going on there. We paused occasionally to think about this.


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